miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015

Music in Berlin

It's been almost three years now since I moved to Berlin. A lot of interesting things happened since then, especially regarding my musical projects:

Under my solo show "The Cat Talked" I performed on the street in Prenzlauer Berg thanks to Fabrik der Kulturen. Besides other small concerts, I also played at Madame Claude, one of the best bars for live indie music.

Together with Guy Boldon on the drums I presented "Peppercat" at Marie Antoinette. This is probably the personal project I'm more fond of so far.

As bassist of Moon Milk for Cancer Cat I had the chance to play at Berlin's best venues: Sage club, Lido, ... Even dressed up like a penguin!

And somehow feeling this is just the beginning!

domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

New blog on Berlin

Life moves on and to compensate the total lack of publications in (this) my personal blog I have created a new one with fresher ideas... It's called "Hidden Berlin" and I'm going to passionately share my "expat" experience in Berlin by writing about things that are not usually that well known.

sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

ARTchitecture & Holy Geometry

Look at these cute geometric dwarfs. Aren't they lovely?

You can see more like them in "Holy geometry" : http://holygeometry.blogspot.com.es/
And how about this analog picture? I know this is in Mallorca. The colors are just amazing!

You will see more of them in "ARTchitecture moods". http://artchitecturemoods.blogspot.com.es/2012/05/texturize.html

sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011


I like to start new exciting things in spring. I think it's the best season of the year. It's not that cold to hide at home and it's not that hot yet to rest all day long.

After several years working at different Internet companies I've decided to start my own one. I am creating a company with Iván de Prado around the "Big Data" market which is called Datasalt.

Simply put, we're going to add some salt to your data. We'll analyze, transform and play with any amount of data thanks to the cloud and technologies like Hadoop, SOLR, Cassandra, MongoDB.

We'll be working on new products and tools that'll help us, our customers and the open-source community.

Checkout our spanish and english blogs!


How do you check whether your site is still being linked by site X? Is there a way to handle the status of several backlinks automatically? Yes, there is! Just check this "backlink checker" out. It's called Linkody. It'll handle it all for you and notify you when that bad friend just removed a link of yours from his site.

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010


Big things happening. Google described how they implemented an ACID-Compliant distributed transaction system on top of BigTable. Some people out there claiming Map/Reduce is dead just because Google is not using batch processing anymore for indexing. The fact is that Percolator is not a general-purpose system, i.e. it can't do joins.

It kind of recovers the old idea of triggers - just that now triggers can also scale horizontally. Plus these triggers are written in a 21th century language, not in PL/SQL - BigTable and Percolator communicate through RPCs.

I don't think Map/Reduce is dead. It will still be an elegant programming model suitable for most data processes.

However speaking about real-time, huge data sets: things are changing.

lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Dream awareness and its complexity

Probably you'll know about lucid dreaming. If not, it is a very interesting matter worth reading about it. Despite all the mythology and pseudo-science surrounding it (astral bodies, astral traveling and such), lucid dreaming is a scientific topic firstly investigated by PhD Stephen LaBerge.

There's been this recent movie called Inception that kind of has to do with it - but frankly I'm not strongly recommending it.

From time to time I happen to be 100% aware that I'm dreaming. More rarely, these dreams last long and are very detailed and real. I probably could count with my fingers the times this has happened to me.

Last night I had one of these. After realizing I was dreaming, I ended up exploring the world that my subconscious was continuously creating and doing random stuff to see how physics seem to be broken in dreams. I remember me throwing a pen and watching it 'fall up' instead of falling down. There was an old vintage TV that I wanted to break with an ashtray and the ashtray disintegrated itself when colliding with the TV - isn't it a beautiful metaphor for 'old things never die'?

Now there's the interesting part of the dream. I wanted to test the creativity of my subconscious by rapidly moving from room to room in the dream flat I was in. Every new room I discovered was more of an opened space and I was slowly moving somewhere outdoors. Every new space I discovered was larger and more detailed. I finally ended up in a huge field with bridges, walls, rivers, lakes, trees, mountains and hundreds of thousands of people walking, sitting, talking, smoking or having a drink. I slowly walked through this massive event and asked to myself: "Where do all these faces come from? Is my mind kind of creating them on-the-fly? Is my mind recovering faces from a database of random people who walk in the street everyday?". I was shocked. If I was asked to draw something beautiful in a paper, it would probably take me years to recreate all what I was contemplating. And it was all happening real-time.

The dream ended after I talked to a random blonde girl. She was normal except for the fact that her eyes were drawn manga-style instead of them being real. I told her: "You have weird eyes". And the dream ended.